About Yoowinna Wurnalung Aboriginal Healing Service

Our Vision

Aboriginal people enjoy their culture, family, work and community life in a safe environment free from violence.

Our Mission

Prevent and eliminate family violence so that individuals, families and our communities can live free from violence. We do this through wrap-around services and programs that support healing and cultural safety.

Our Principles & Values

SELF-DETERMINATION  A fundamental principle and practice that supports the exercise of true freedom. Full and total control of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ safety, healing, connections to land, country, culture, communities, and futures.

FREE FROM VIOLENCE Everyone has the right to live free from family violence and the fear of family violence.

CULTURAL RESPECT Recognising the cultural diversity that exists among our staff, clients and their families. Respecting the rights, views, values and expectations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

HOLISTIC APPROACH Encompassing the wellbeing of an individual, family and community. Recognising not only the physical but the social, cultural, spiritual, emotional and environmental influences of health and wellbeing.

INTEGRITY, TRUST and HONESTY in all our activities. Treating everyone equally, with courtesy, honesty respect and fairness. Being non-judgemental, and modelling ethical behaviour and practice.

ACCOUNTABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM Commitment to delivering safe and professional services to the community. Ensuring cultural appropriateness. Respecting personal and diverse boundaries and practices. Delivering outcomes for clients, community and the organisation.

COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS with our clients, community, partner agencies, governments and stakeholders to ensure coordination.

KINDNESS, COMPASSION, COURTESY and DIGNITY in our relationships with our clients, our stakeholders and with each other. Valuing the diversity of people and showing proper regard for their interests and HUMAN RIGHTS.

Our Role & Function

  • Provide strong leadership, advocacy and governance that is open, respectful, transparent and evidence-based.

  • Provide quality services that are equitable, accessible and responsive to community needs and cultural safety.

  • Identify and promote Aboriginal cultural values through policies that recognise, protect, enhance and strengthen the resilience of Aboriginal clients and community.

  • Partner with government and organisations to support prevention and education, awareness raising and enhanced responses that reduce violence for individuals, families and communities.

  • Embed self-determination and human rights principles and practices into all aspects of our organisation.

  • Operate a financially progressive organisation to ensure a sustainable future.

Delivering Family Violence Services in East Gippsland and Wellington

Lakes Entrance

11 Heatherlea Grove
PO Box 590Lakes Entrance Victoria 3909
Phone: (03) 4110 2100
Email: healingservice@ywahs.org.au


16b Wade Court
Sale Victoria 3850


107 Hazeldene Crescent
Nicholson Victoria 3882


14 Giles St
Bairnsdale Victoria 3875